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Color Gold Bath cold JE431-light rosé -1g/L (5 litre)


Content: 5 (€87.41* / 1 Liter)
Product number: en7814.5000
Product information "Color Gold Bath cold JE431-light rosé -1g/L (5 litre)"

Color Gold Bath cold JE431 - light rosé (1g Au/l) for gold tones in rose gold

The color gold bath cold JE431 - light rosé deposits decorative gold layers in rosé gold color. The attainable layer thickness is max. 0,1-0,2 micron. The gold electrolyte contains no free cyanide and therefore it can be deposited over a long period with a constant color. The color gold baths of the product line Je4xx work with room temperature so there is no heating element needed.

Operating data:
Gold content: 1,0 g/l
pH-value: 11,5 - 12,5
Density: 1,045 - 1,055g/cm3

Operating conditions:
Voltage: 3 Volt
Bath temperature: 20-25°C
Exposition time: 10-30 sec.
Anodes: Stainless steel
Anode- /cathode surface: approx. 1:1
Goods movement: from 10 litre
Current density: approx. 0,5-1,0 A/dm2
Bath filtration: from 10 litre

Warning! H302 - H312 - H315 - H319 Exclamation mark

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