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Gold Plating Bath JE218 -Red 5g/L (1 litre)


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Product number: en9925.1000
Product information "Gold Plating Bath JE218 -Red 5g/L (1 litre)"

With the Gold plating bath JE218 a very bright, decorative and ductile gold layer can be deposited. A very nice shade between 4N (rose) and 5N (red) will be achieved. A uniform colour distribution and consistency are further advantages of this user-friendly gold process. The precious metal content of the gold layers is 14 - 18 ct. In this range the gold deposits have a very good resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.

Gold content: 5 g/l Au
Voltage: 1,1-1,6 Volt
Bath temperature: 60°C
Exposure time: up to 60 min.
Anodes: Platinized Titanium

Danger! H300 - H310 - H330 - H411 Toxic
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1 litre