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Pin Rhodium Bath JE29-1 black 20g/L


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Product number: 9615.0000
Product information "Pin Rhodium Bath JE29-1 black 20g/L"
The rhodium bath black for JE29-1 for pen is especially suitable for partial plating, for multi-colour processeing and reparation or restoration. The deposited coatings have a dark anthracite-grey colour and they are hard and abrasion resistant. JE29-1 deposits uniform rhodium layers and has a strong colour consistency.

The plating layer created by pen plating is very thin. If you would like a thicker layer, we recommend that you treat the goods in a normal electroplating bath.

Rhodium content: 2g Rh/100 ml
Voltage: 6-10 Volt
Bath temperature: Room temperature