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Antitarnish OXIPROTECT JE790 (1 litre)

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Informations sur le produit "Antitarnish OXIPROTECT JE790 (1 litre)"

Antitarnish OXIPROTECT JE790 (1litre) as protection against oxidation and tarnishing

The antitarnish solution OXIPROTECT JE790 is excellent suitable as protection system for silver surfaces and low alloyed precious metals like e.g. red gold. It protects effectively against oxidation and discolourations. Due to the low coat thickness it is optical absolutely invisible. The brilliance of the base material is conserved. Contact resistance and solderability remain almost unaffacted. OXIPROTECT is dirt-repellent and water-resistant and furthermore it improves the scratch resistance of the surfaces. The bath is applied in a dive procedure.

OXIPROTECT is biological harmless and skin neutral.

Working conditions:
Temperature: 45-60°C
Exposition time: 5 min.

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1 litre