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Rhodium Recycling Powder JE632

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The Rhodium Recycling Powder JE632 is developed for the recovery of Rhodium metal out of used electroplating baths and for the recuperation of rinsing waters.

1) Stabilization of the pH-value (pH 6-8) with small amounts of sodium hydroxide (stirring carefully).
2) Add the recycling powder JE632 - 5 grams per litre - and stir constantly (approx. 10 min.).
3) The chemical reaction begins - the flocks will bound the Rhodium metal and a transparent liquid appears.
4) Filtration of the treated solution with folder filter.
5) After drying of the sludge incl. folder filter put all completely into a transport container and send it to Jentner for separation. This material is no longer a hazardous good.

You will receive precise information about the rhodium content after the analysis.

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