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Black Rhodium Concentrate JE23-1 - 2g Rh (100 ml)

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Codice prodotto: en9622.100
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Black Rhodium Concentrate JE23-1 - 2g Rh (100 ml) for anthracite-gray rhodium layers

The black rhodium concentrate JE23-1 deposits dark anthracite-grey, particular decorative rhodium coatings. The layers are very abrasion resistant, colour consistent and uniform. The electrolyte is preferably used for decorative coatings in the jewellery and eyewear industry. JE23-1 is characterized by it's easy handling and usability. It works at room temperature so a time and energy intensive heating-up can be omitted. Coatings up to 0,5 µm can be deposited.

Rhodium content: 2g Rh/100 ml
Voltage: 2-3 Volt
Bath temperature: 20-27°C
Exposition time: 2 min. (1-5 min.)
Anodes: Platinized titanium, mixed-metal-oxide

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