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Antitarnish JE799 Oxiprotect Performance


Content: 1 Liter
Product number: 9987.0000
Product information "Antitarnish JE799 Oxiprotect Performance"
The antitarnish solution OXIPROTECT Performance JE799 is a galvanic bath. It is excellent suitable as protection system for silver surfaces or low alloyed precious metals. The OXIPROTECT Performance protects effective against oxidations and discolourations. Due to the low coat thickness it is optical absolutely invisible and it acts as a lubricant. The brilliance of the base material is conserved. Contact resistance, solderability and bondability remain almost unaffected. The protection behavior is improved by applying voltage.

Working conditions:
Temperature: 40-50°C
Exposure time: 2-3 minutes
Voltage: 3,5 volt
Anodes: Mixed metal anodes (MOX)