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Gold baths / gold electrolytes for technical and decorative precious metal coatings

Gold has always represent for something of high quality and for a meaningful victory. The shimmer of fine gold is simply magnificent in its yellow tone. You can get such a shimmer with the gold plating baths in this category. Available with a gold content of 3 g / l, 5 g / l, 8 g / l or 12 g / l. Of course, the other gold colors are also beautiful. We can offer 14kt, 18kt, red and rose gold colors as flash gold. With these baths layers up to 0.1µm can be achieved. And if you only want the fine gold color, you will also find it as a flash gold bath. All color gold baths are available as either warm or cold baths.

Please also note that the rose gold that is offered here in the shop is described by many customers as too yellow. This is why we recommend you to use the red gold bath. Of course it is up to you which one you choose, but we would like to inform you about all the special features of the JE colors.