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Product safety

Legal compliance and REACH


One of the most important requirements of our customers is that all products are manufactured, handled and used not only in compliance with the law, but also under safe conditions. Our risk management is responsible for the classification and labeling of our products according to CLP / GHS, for the preparation of the safety data sheets and the classification for the transport of dangerous goods.


Jentner Plating Technology GmbH is categorized as a "downstream user" (downstream user) according to REACH regulation 1907/2006 EC. Our suppliers are mainly responsible for the registration of the substances. These have consistently confirmed us that pre-registration and registration of the delivered products is carried out. This, of course, does not release us from the risk mitigation measures and the information obligation towards our customers. "Substances of very high concern" (SVHC) as well as candidate substances for Annexes XIV or XVII of the REACH Regulation are indicated in section 3 of the accompanying safety data sheet for products containing these in an amount of ≥ 0.1%.


All products classified as dangerous according to CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 are marked accordingly. The transport classification is defined for all relevant modes of transport. Airfreight from Jentner Plating Technology GmbH is transferred as a "well-known consignor" into the secure supply chain according to the implementation regulation (EU) 2015/1998.

ChemG and ChemVV

Decisive for the protection of our customers and our employees is the Chemicals Act and the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. For this purpose, our risk management was expanded and expanded. This department is available to customers and employees for occupational safety and / or risk assessment.


In order to ensure the environmentally compatible recycling or disposal of the waste, the company Jentner Plating Technology GmbH has decided to voluntarily take back the baths and chemicals delivered by it according to KrWG §25 / 26 and has been officially approved for this since 06.2014.