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Ultrasonic cleaner

Discover the perfect solution for thoroughly cleaning your valuable jewelry with the Jentner ultrasonic cleaner. Our highly effective cleaning fluid has been specially developed to remove even the most stubborn dirt and make your jewelry shine like new.

The Jentner ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry uses the power of ultrasonic technology to penetrate even the smallest corners and gaps without damaging the surface. Whether rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets - our cleaner is suitable for a wide range of jewelry and ensures a flawless result.

Thanks to its highly effective formula, our ultrasonic cleaner is also ideal for use in professional electroplating workshops or jewelry stores. The special composition not only removes dirt and deposits, but also ensures a long-lasting shine and protection of your valuable pieces.

Trust in the quality and effectiveness of the Jentner ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry and experience a revolutionary way of cleaning. Order today in the Jentner store and see the impressive results for yourself!