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Submersible heater for electroplating

Not all baths work at room temperature, so you need to heat them. This requires an immersion heater. Whether you use this in a digital or analog small electroplating does not matter. The only important thing is that you always have the temperature under control.

For this purpose, it is best to use the temperature sensor, which you can find under the category "Other accessories". The holders to hang the heater and sensor in the bath can be found here. Please note that there are different titanium holders for the Digital/Comfort II and Digital/Comfort V, because the bath depth differs.

Please note that the digital machines switch off the heater independently among other things when the level decreases. With the analog machine, this must be done by hand.

Whether you need a heater or not you can read in the product description of the respective baths. If you are thinking about purchasing a bar immersion heater to Farbzuvergolden, we would like to point out that our cold color gold baths can also be used at room temperature - without a heater.