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Black Rhodium Bath JE23GO! RS NDG - 2 g/L Rh

Product information "Black Rhodium Bath JE23GO! RS NDG - 2 g/L Rh"
The black rhodium bath JE23GO! RS NDG represents an innovative technology in electroplating. An outstanding advantage of this product is that it is not classified as dangerous goods, which ensures problem-free worldwide shipping. Application at room temperature reduces the energy required for heating and optimizes the process.

Particularly suitable for decorative coatings in the jewelry and eyewear industries, this bath produces dark anthracite-gray coatings with remarkable abrasion resistance and color consistency. The black rhodium electrolyte JE23GO! RS NDG black rhodium electrolyte is characterized by easy handling and effortless bath guidance. It enables the precise deposition of layers down to 0.5 µm, making it versatile in various areas of electroplating.

Operating Data
Rhodium content: 2,0 g/L Rh
pH-Value: <1
Density: 1,02 – 1,07 g/cm3

Deposition Data
Color, L-Value: 48 - 50
Hardness: 300 – 370 HV
Layer thickness: max. 0,5 μm
Layer density: ca. 10,5 g/cm3

Working conditions
Voltage: 2,5– 3,5 Volt
Bath temperature: Ca. 20°C (RT)
Exposition time: 5 min. (3 – 15)
Anodes: Platinised titanium or mixed-metal-oxide
Anode/ Cathode: 1 : 1
Current density: 1,0 – 1,5 A/dm2
Agitation: advantageous
Bath filtration: ab 10 Liter
Deposition rate: 6 – 8mg/Amin

Form of delivery
Ready for use 2 g/L