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Bright Silver Bath JE36 (1 Liter)

Product information "Bright Silver Bath JE36 (1 Liter)"
The brightening silver bath JE 36 grants extremely white fine silver plating results and is ideal for silver plating in the field of decoration and technique.

Operating data:
Fine Silver Concentration 36 g/L Ag
Potassium cyanide concentration 150 g/L

Operating conditions:
Voltage approx. 0.5-1.2 Volt
Bath temperature 20 - 30°C
Exposure time approx. 2 min.
Anodes Fine silver 
Anode/Cathode surface 1:1
Agitation necessary
Current density 0,1 – 3 A/dm²
Bath filtration from 10 litres
Exposure time Approx. 0,5 μm/min at 1A/dm²
Deposition rate 65 mg/Amin

Deposition data:
Hardness approx. 110 HV
Layer thickness 99,5 – 99,9 % Ag
Layer density approx. 10,4 g/cm3

Form of delivery:
- Ready to use
- salt form from 100 liters (salt form + brightener solution)
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