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Colour Gold Bath JE340 - red - 1 g/L Au

Product information "Colour Gold Bath JE340 - red - 1 g/L Au"
The color gold bath JE340 deposits decorative gold layers in red gold color. The attainable layer thickness is max. 0,1 micron. The gold electrolyte contains no free cyanide and therefore it can be deposited over a long period with a constant color.

Operating data:
Gold content: 1,0 g/L
pH-value: 10,5 (10-11)
Density: 1,035 g/ml (1,030-1,040)

Operating conditions:
Voltage: 6 Volt
Bath temperature: 60°C
Exposition time: 15-20 sec.
Anodes: Stainless steel
Goods movement: from 10 litre
Bath filtration: from 10 litre
Anode- /cathode surface: 1:1

The color of the deposite may change due to deviations in the working conditions.

Form of delivery:
-Ready for use 1 g/L Au
-Concentrate form 1 g/100ml Au for 1 litre bath