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Rhodium Bath JE88 GO! NDG - 0,5 g/L Rh

Product information "Rhodium Bath JE88 GO! NDG - 0,5 g/L Rh"
The JE88! GO NDG rhodium bath represents a significant innovation in electroplating technology. It is the first rhodium that is not classified as a hazardous material during transportation, allowing for safe and easy worldwide shipping.

This advanced rhodium is ideal for decorative coatings in the jewelry, eyeglass frame and watch industries. It also provides effective tarnish protection for silverware. With the ability to precisely deposit layers down to 1.0 µm, the JE88! GO NDG rhodium bath ensures exceptional brilliance and durability. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for various electroplating applications.

Operating Data:
Rhodium content: 0,5 g/L
pH-Value: <1

Working conditions:
Voltage: 2,0 – 3,5 Volt
Bath temperature: 20 - 30° C
Exposition time: 2 min. (1 max. 10 min)
Anodes: Platiniertes Titan oder Mischoxid MOX
Anode/ Cathode: 1 : 1
Current density: 0,5 – 2,0 A/dm2
Agitation: advantageous
Bath filtration: from 10 Liter
Deposition rate: 6 – 8mg/Amin

Form of Delivery:
Ready for use 0,5 g/L