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Rhodium Machine RMgo! Set 2 (for Rh+Au)

Product information "Rhodium Machine RMgo! Set 2 (for Rh+Au)"
Space-saving and compact!

With the new Rhodium Machine RMGo! Set 2 - for rhodium and cold gold color plating jewelry can easily be degreased electrolytically, rhodium and color plated. Pre-set processing times and voltages, together with an automatic energy cut-off, allow a professional end result. The time intervals can be selected between 15, 30 or 60 seconds. This guarantees a reliable calculation. Set processing time - GO! Key and, in conjunction with Jentner's unique electrolytes, which are already deposited perfectly at room temperature, Rinse and ready! The RMGO is so simple and user-friendly!

Your advantages:
  • Rhodium savings due to pre-settable deposition time. Optimal is a coating interval of 30-60 seconds to obtain a high-quality surface.
  • The baths are available as concentrates or ready for use.

Model calculation
  • A deposit time of 36 seconds instead of 30 seconds will cost you 20% more of your expensive rhodium. This is a cost savings of 0.2 g of rhodium at 1000 rings when coated exactly 30 seconds.
  • Absolutely safe process, since the voltage does not have to be adjusted - easy handling by only one GO! button.
  • Errors are avoided, as trained employees quickly get to grips with each other.
  • More than 1000 rings with 1 L rhodium solution JE88 and a brilliant and glossy surface.

This set includes:
1x RMGo! Machine
3x Beaker 1000ml incl. cover
3x Beaker 600ml incl. cover
3x red cable
1x black cable with crocodile clip
2x Stainless steel anode
1x Mixed oxide anode
1x Jig with 4 hooks
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