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Rhodium bath JE88-1 CLEAN - 1 g/L Rh

Product information "Rhodium bath JE88-1 CLEAN - 1 g/L Rh"
The rhodium bath JE88-1 deposits mirror shining, brilliant white, magnificent hard and abrasion resistant rhodium layers. The color of JE88 CLEAN may vary in slight nuances as the product is produced exclusively from recycled rhodium. It is preferably used for decorative coatings in the jewellery industry. In many cases the rhodium electrolyte is used as tarnish protection for silver products. Coatings up to 0,5 µm can be deposited.

Operating data:
Rhodium content: 1,0 g/L Rh
pH-Value: <1

Operating conditions:
Voltage: 2-3 Volt
Bath temperature: 20-35°C
Exposition time: 2 min. (1-max. 10 min.)
Anodes: platinized titanium or mixed metal oxide
Anode/Cathode surface: 1 : 1
Agitation: advantageous
Current density: 0,5 – 2 A/dm2
Bath filtration: from 10 liters

Deposition data:
Hardness: 800 – 900 HV
Layer thickness: max. 0,5 µm
Layer density: approx. 12,4 g/cm3

Form of delivery:
-Ready for use 1 g/L Rh
-Concentrate form 1 g/100ml Rh for 1 litre bath