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Gold or nickel pre-plating??

Stainless steel parts must be pre-coated in the first step to ensure optimum adhesion of the coating. You can then continue your coating with any other electrolyte to achieve the desired end result.

Choose one of the two electrolytes that are especially suitable for pre-coating stainless steel:

Adhesive Nickel Bath JE303
The Adhesive nickel bath JE303 enables to build up further coatings uniformly and the adhesive strength is excellent. With the JE303 very adhesive layers, especially on hard to coat materials like stainless steel, tungsten and molybdenum can be deposited. The pH value should be kept by addition or hydrochloric acid below 1.Operating data:Nickel content: 50 g/L Hydrochloric acid: 20-40 g/LOperating conditions:Voltage: 2-6 VoltBath temperature: 18°CExposition time: 30 sec.-5 min.Anodes: NickelGoods movement: not necessary at short processing timeTank material: PPHDeposition data:Nickel: 99.9 %Density: 8,9 g/cm2Special instructions:The adhesive nickel bath contains hydrochloric acid and is not suitable for light metals and tin. The bath should always be well covered as the hydrochloric acid vapors have a corrosive effect on steel and other materials.Please note that this article is a dangerous good according to the legal guidelines. For this reason we need a copy of your business registration.Therefore we kindly ask you to send us the business registration in advance.

Adhesive gold bath JE285 - 3 g/L Au
The pre-gold bath JE285 is ideal to plate gold directly on stainless steels, molybdenum containing steel and nickel-base alloys which are hard to activate. Because of it's highly activative impact it can be used successfully for passive material which is difficult to plate. The gold electrolyte generally improves the adhesive properties between base material and galvanic surface.Operating data:Gold content: 3 g/LSulfuric acid content: 25 g/L (20-30)   Deposition data:Hardness: approx. 165 HVLayer thickness: until 3 µmFineness of the gold coating: >99% AuOperating conditions:Voltage: 2 - 3 VBath temperature: 20 - 30 °CExposition time: 2 - 5 min. (max. 45 min.) Anode material: Mixed oxide (MOX) Goods movement: required Bath filtration: From 10 liter Anode/Cathode surface: 1 : 1Current density: 2 - 6 A/dm2