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After the appropriate pre-coating, silver-plating can be carried out directly

We have a cyanide-free bright silver bath in our range. Bright and ductile coatings, long shelf life, user-friendly.....

Bright silver bath JE36
Content: Individual quantity
The brightening silver bath JE 36 grants extremelywhite fine silver plating results and is ideal for silverplating in the field of decoration and technique. Operating data:Fine Silver Concentration 36 g/L AgPotassium cyanide concentration 150 g/L Operating conditions:Voltage approx. 0.5-1.2 VoltBath temperature 20 - 30°CExposure time approx. 2 min.Anodes Fine silver Anode/Cathode surface 1:1Agitation necessaryCurrent density 0,1 – 3 A/dm²Bath filtration from 10 litresExposure time Approx. 0,5 μm/min at 1A/dm²Deposition rate 65 mg/Amin Deposition data:Hardness approx. 110 HVLayer thickness 99,5 – 99,9 % AgLayer density approx. 10,4 g/cm3 Form of delivery:- Ready to use- salt form (salt form + brightener solution)

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Matt Silver Bath JE37
Content: Individual quantity
The matt silver bath JE37 is ideal for the deposition of white fine silver layers. It doesn't build up further gloss. The silver electrolyte has an excellent throwing power and is perfect to plate silver decoratively and technically.Operating data:Silver content: 36 g/L AgOperating conditions:Voltage: 0,5-1,2 VoltBath temperature: 20-25°CExposition time: Adjustable to specific customer needsAnodes: SilverAnode/Cathode surface: 1 : 1Agitation: necessaryCurrent density: 0.1 – 3 A/dm²Bath filtration: from 10 LitersExposure time: approx. 0.5 µm/min at 1A/dm²Deposition rate: 66 mg/AminDeposition data:Hardness: approx. 110 HVLayer thickness: 99.8 – 99.9 % AgLayer density: approx. 10.4 g/cm3Please note that this article is a dangerous good according to the legal guidelines. For this reason we need a copy of your business registration.Therefore we kindly ask you to send us the business registration.

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Silver Bath JE39 for pen (2 g/100ml Ag)
The silver bath JE39 is especially suitable for partial plating, for multi-colour processeing and reparation or restoration. The deposited coatings have a bright and shiny silver colour.The plating layer created by pen plating is very thin. If you would like a thicker layer, we recommend that you treat the goods in a normal electroplating bath.Silver content: 2 g/100ml AgVoltage: 2-6 VoltBath temperature: Room temperaturePlease note that this article is a dangerous good according to the legal guidelines. For this reason we need a copy of your business registration.Therefore we kindly ask you to send us the business registration in advance.

Silver Bath JE60 cyanide free
Content: 1,5 liter
The silver bath JE60 is an innovative cyanidefree electrolyte for the deposition of very white silver layers. The silver bath JE60 cyanide free does not contain cyanide and therefore offers significant environmental and safety advantages. It characterized by easy handling and very high consistency. The purity of the silver precipitates is almost 100% and is suitable both for decorative and also for technical applications. The electrolyte can be used for rack and drum material up to a Thickness of max. 25 µm can be used.Operating data:Silver content: 31 g/L AgpH-value: 10Density: 1,13 g/mlOperating conditions:Voltage: 1,0 - 1,5 VoltBath temperature: 20°CAnodes: SilverPower density: 0,5 - 1,0A/dm2Deposit rate: approx. 0,5µm / minTank material: PP, PPH, PE or PVCBath filtration: from 10 L requiredAgitation: requiredDeposition data:Precious metal content: 99,5-99,9%Hardness: 102 HVThickness: 11,3 – 11,5 g/m3

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