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Aftercare products - Not a "must" but a "can" and perhaps a "should".

If you want to chemically blacken or tarnish-protect your parts, or if you want to recover the rhodium from spent baths, then you have come to the right place.

Protective Lacquer JE730
While our OXIPROTECT is only a temporary tarnish protection that loses its effect over time, the JE730 protective lacquer is a transparent and permanent protection, as long as it is not mechanically attacked. It is particularly effective as tarnish protection for silver, copper and other alloys. It is important to note that the protective lacquer changes the feel of your parts, which is not the case with OXIPROTECT. Danger! H225 - H315 - H318 - H336 Available Downloads • Safety Data Sheet • Product Information

Rhodium Recycling Powder JE632
The Rhodium Recycling Powder JE632 is developed for the recovery of Rhodium metal out of used electroplating baths and for the recuperation of rinsing waters. Procedure: 1) Stabilization of the pH-value (pH 6-8) with small amounts of sodium hydroxide (stirring carefully). 2) Add the recycling powder JE632 - 5 grams per litre - and stir constantly (approx. 10 min.). 3) The chemical reaction begins - the flocks will bound the Rhodium metal and a transparent liquid appears. 4) Filtration of the treated solution with folder filter. 5) After drying of the sludge incl. folder filter put all completely into a transport container and send it to Jentner for separation. This material is no longer a hazardous good. You will receive precise information about the rhodium content after the analysis. Available Downloads • Safety Data Sheet • Product Information

Antitarnish OXIPROTECT Performance JE799
The antitarnish solution OXIPROTECT Performance JE799 is a galvanic bath. It is excellent suitable as protection system for silver surfaces or low alloyed precious metals. The OXIPROTECT Performance protects effective against oxidations and discolourations. Due to the low coat thickness it is optical absolutely invisible and it acts as a lubricant. The brilliance of the base material is conserved. Contact resistance, solderability and bondability remain almost unaffected. The protection behavior is improved by applying voltage. Working conditions: Temperature: 40-50°C Exposure time: 2-3 minutes Voltage: 3,5 volt Anodes: Mixed metal anodes (MOX) Warning! H315 - H319 - H412 Available Downloads • Safety Data Sheet • Product Information