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Vivacolor Pure Black (10 g)

Product information "Vivacolor Pure Black (10 g)"
Vivacolor Pure Black is the perfect tool for all jewelry lovers who want to give their creations an elegant black touch.

Features and functions:
Vivacolor Pure Black is high-quality acrylic resin, specially developed for stylish black coloring of jewelry. The application is uncomplicated: Apply the Vivacolor to the desired area with an application tool and then cure it under UV light. Achieve long-lasting and durable results that give your jewelry a classy black look.

Benefits for you:
Give your jewelry an elegant black finish that is timeless and stylish. Achieve professional results with the precise application of Vivacolor Pure Black. The fast curing under UV light enables an efficient working process.

Areas of application:
Ideal for coloring jewelry and accessories when a black finish is desired to achieve a sophisticated look. Use Vivacolor Pure Black to individualize your jewelry and create creative designs with an elegant black color.

With Vivacolor Pure Black, you can take your jewelry pieces to a new level and give them a timeless elegance. Give your creations that special touch of sophistication and style!



Application instrument, curved
Application tool for working with Vivacolor colors. This spatula has a round bended beginning and a flat bended end and it is ideal for mixing and applying the colors.

Glass mixing plate for heating plate
Glass mixing plate for heating plate for working with Vivacolor colors. This glass plate has two deepenings in which it is possible to mix smaller quantities of colors. The content per mixing hollow is approx. 0,5 g. Furthermore the glass plate is used as a working surface. The Vivacolor colors can be heated which simplifies the processing. The ideal working temperature ranges between 35°C and 40°C.

This box protects the colors during the processing. The discs are tinted orange which enables the filtration of UV light and blue light. By using the box the colors can be protected against premature and unintended curing through the surrounding light. Ideally, the closed side of the box is adjusted against the light source.

Microbrush fine (10 pc.)
The Microbrush fine is ideal for the precise application of Vivacolor Bond. It is available in three different sizes.

Microbrush regular (10 pc.)
The Microbrush regular (10 pieces) is ideal for the precise application of Vivacolor Bond. It is available in three different sizes.

Microbrush superfine (10 pc.)
The Microbrush superfine (10 pieces) is ideal for the precise application of Vivacolor Bond. It is available in three different sizes.

Ring holder red for Vivacolor
Ring handle red for working with Vivacolor or the pen-plating unit type PICCO+. Each ring can be hold safely and therefore it can be plated easily without causing any faults.

Stand for application tool
Accessory for working with Vivacolor colors and equipment. This stand is used to put down the application tool during the working process. Additionally it is possible to put down a 10 or 25 g color can.

Vivacolor Bond, Syringe - 3 g
Vivacolor Bond, syringe - 3 g is a glue, that ensures strong surface adhesion of all Vivacolor colors.

Vivacolor Hotplate 230 V
The heating plate 230/110 volt is used to heat up the acrylic colors in the deepenings of the glass mixing plate. This process ensures easy miscibility and absence of bubbles. The Vivacolor colors become highly fluid so they can be applied and processed easier. The temperature is fixed.

Vivacolor Link, Pen - 1 ml
Vivacolor Link, pen - 1 ml is an activator for the preparation of all kinds of metallic surfaces or base materials before applying the Vivacolor colors.