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Vivacolor Pure Red (10 g)

Product information "Vivacolor Pure Red (10 g)"
Dip your jewelry pieces in a vibrant red with Vivacolor Pure Red - the perfect choice for jewelers, jewelry designers and DIY enthusiasts.

Features and functions:

Vivacolor Pure Red was developed to fill and accentuate indentations with a minimum depth of 0.2 mm with an intense red color. Application is child's play: apply Vivacolor precisely to the desired indentations and then cure under UV light. Achieve long-lasting and professional color results with this high-quality spot color.

Benefits for you:

Give your jewelry pieces an individual touch with the vibrant red of Vivacolor Pure Red. Achieve professional results effortlessly and emphasize the details of your designs. The fast curing under UV light allows you to work efficiently.

Areas of application:
Ideal for rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry with indentations to give them an eye-catching red accent. Use Vivacolor Pure Red for your creative jewelry projects and personalize your designs with intense colour accents.