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Vivacolor Superlight-Mini

Product information "Vivacolor Superlight-Mini"
LED light (blue light) with battery and glass light conductor for curing all Vivacolor colors very precise. Including base station adapter.


This box protects the colors during the processing. The discs are tinted orange which enables the filtration of UV light and blue light. By using the box the colors can be protected against premature and unintended curing through the surrounding light. Ideally, the closed side of the box is adjusted against the light source.

Vivacolor Hotplate 230 V
The heating plate 230/110 volt is used to heat up the acrylic colors in the deepenings of the glass mixing plate. This process ensures easy miscibility and absence of bubbles. The Vivacolor colors become highly fluid so they can be applied and processed easier. The temperature is fixed.

Ring holder red for Vivacolor
Ring handle red for working with Vivacolor or the pen-plating unit type PICCO+. Each ring can be hold safely and therefore it can be plated easily without causing any faults.