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Immersion titan heater 200 W/230V


Content: 1 Stück
Product number: 7249.0000
Product information "Immersion titan heater 200 W/230V"
Immersion titan heater, 200 Watt/230V is suitable for heating e.g. ruthenium and nickel baths for Digital II Version 2.0 and Comfort II.

Please note that the fixation is not included in the delivery. They have to be ordered separately.

Length 150 mm.
Depth of immersion 140 mm, Ø 20 mm.


Titan Fixation for heater 200W
Titanium fixation for heater 200W/230V to fixate especially stick immersion heaters. It is suitable for Comfort II and Digital II Version 2.0.

Electroplating Unit DIGITAL II version 2.0
The Digital II version 2.0 is a programmable small-size electroplating unit which can be used for all current precious metal and non precious metal processes. The machine is characterized by it's user friendliness and the easy handling.The digital display of voltage, tension and temperature guarantees a careful and secure working. The integrated timer stops processes automatically and the ampere minute counter helps to calculate the precious metal consumption. In addition to pre installed plating programs, new programs can be installed. The machine menu is available in several european languages. Digital II version 2.0 has an integrated goods movement and a pen plating connection.Technical data:Dimensions (WxDxH): 700x320x250 mmWeight: 18 kgBath volume: 4x1,5 l working tanks + 4x 1,5 l rinsing tanksBath dimensions: 150x100x150 mmRectifier: 15V/ 15AControlled heating: 2x200WSupply voltage: 230V/ 50Hz, 120V/ 60HzMain fuse: 2,5A slow-blow, 250V ~, 5*20 mmOptional equipment: 2x connectable heater (2x200W)

Electroplating Unit Comfort II
The small-size electroplating unit Comfort II can be used for all current plating solutions. The machine guarantees an easy, efficient and secure processing. Furthermore, the Comfort II has an integrated thermostatic control unit and integrated goods movement. Additionally, it has a pen plating connection. The cover plate is transparent and can be closed all around. Technical data:Dimensions (WxDxH): 480x300x260 mmWeight: 16 kgRectifier: 15V/ 15ABath volume: 3x 1,5 l working tanks + 3x 1,5 l rinsing tanks Bath dimensions: 150x100x150mmControlled heating: 200WSupply voltage: 230V/ 50HzOptional equipment:1x connectable heater (200W)