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With these devices you can get started immediately

The set contains everything necessary for a good and safe start.

The devices are easy to handle. The colours are cured with blue light.

Heating plate 230/110 Volt
The heating plate 230/110 volt is used to heat up the acrylic colors in their can or in the deepenings of the glass mixing plate. This process ensures easy miscibility and absence of bubbles. The Vivacolor colors become highly fluid so they can be applied and processed easier. The temperature is fixed.

Vivacolor Superlight-Mini
The Vivacolor Superlight-Mini curing lamp LED light (blue light) with battery and glass light conductor for curing all Vivacolor colors very precise. Including base station adapter. Attention! Contains lithium batteries.

Vivacolor Set Superlight
Vivacolor starter set - Set Superlight The Vivacolor complete kit is the ideal solution for every „Vivacolor-newcomer“. It contains everything to realise the coating technique with acrylic resins optimally, right from the beginning. Scope of delivery: 1x Heating plate 1x Superlight-Mini, LED light 1x Light-protection-box 1x Application tool 1x Stand for application tool 1x Ring handle 1x Glass mixing plate 10x Microbrush regular 10x Microbrush fine 10x Microbrush super fine 1x Vivacolor Link (1 ml) 1x Vivacolor Bond (3 g) 8x 10g Vivacolor colors The set is put together as follow: Pure Transparent Pure White Pure Black Pure Blue Pure Red Pure Green Pure Yellow Pure Orange Attention! Contains lithium batteries.