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Platinum metals include rhodium, palladium, platinum and ruthenium

Good to know: Palladium is a very good pre-coating for all other platinum metal coatings.

Platinum Bath JE18 - 2 g/L Pt
Content: 1 liter
The acid platinum electrolyte JE18 deposits shiny, bright and hard platinum layers. It is used for decorative as well as technical applications. The layers are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.Operating data:Platinum content: 2,0 g/LpH-value: <1Density: 1,08 g/ml, increasingOperating conditions:Voltage: 2 VoltBath temperature: 30 - 40 °CExposition time: 2 - 4 min.Anodes: Platinized titanium, Mixed oxideAnode/Cathode surface: 1 : 1Goods movement: requiredRecommended velocity: 2 - 8 cm/sec.Deposition rate: ca. 11 mg/Amin; ca. 0,5-1,5 A/dm2Bath movement: recommendedBath filtration: from 10 litresDeposition data:Hardness: 500 HVLayer thickness: max. 1,0 µmPt content: 99,9%Form of delivery:Ready for use 2 g/L Pt